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Our Debris Removal Service

Debris Removal - Briggs Tree Service has been offering tree removal and tree trimming services to our customers for over 25 years! Learn what keeps our customers coming back

We can help with your debris - Briggs Tree Service does not have to be the principal party removing your tree. If you know a local expert who doesn't have the removal equipment, or you are a local home owner that would like to turn their spare branches into mulch you can call us and we will pick it up.

Who needs debris removal - If you have excess branches due to a dead or dying tree. Another tree company charge you for cutting down a tree, but did not remove the tree. A violent storm resulted in some down branches that you would like removed.

What is your price - Pricing depends on the amount of material needing to be shredded, length of the removal process, and distance from our debris storage facility.

What can you expect - Whether you are looking for a quick clean up or a thorough cleaning, you will have called the right place. We have the machinery, skilled work force, and price point that can make your next tree removal and/or debris removal project doable.

Below are a list of the service areas we can get to within 24 hours. If location should fall outside of this location please allow for 48 hours for call response.


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